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Events for people who are really ready to move forward to unprecedented levels and engage in vast powerful play

How to source physical change & transformation

We are a collaboration of people around the world who offer the very best of ourselves.
We call people on who they can be, engaging their magnificence and demanding the very best - because nothing less is acceptable. We can show you -

  • how to be energetically sustainable at all times
  • how to energetically and physically rejuvenate your body
  • how to develop passion in yourself and others
  • how to develop a new knowing of yourself

We create events where you discover a new passion for living, taking you to the edge of what you have always known, and opening up possibilities that you never thought possible - and what we show you makes you very present, very here.

Our workshops and teleclasses do more than tell you what can be achieved … you become fully engaged in living it.


Voice workshop  "The Vitality of Voice" teleclass has morphed into a 2 day workshop.
Details can be found here
- venue is in Burgess Hill, UK.

Magical Apprentice programme  Details for the "The Magical Apprentice" programme are now available.

Sourcing Physicality blog

beautifully written observations and insights on how to live a life that is stunning and brilliant

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BlogTalkRadio shows

Join Cezarina Trone and Santari for weekly conversations on inspiring topics.

Live audience participation is welcomed. Click to know more.

Blog Talk Radio shows

Our Transformational Work

These examples show the type of work we do and how we relate to people. They also describe the changes that people see taking place in themselves.   Click for details

Workshop Themes: unique energy experiences

Do you sense something tremendously amazing happening? Our workshops use themes that explore energy shifts.   Find out more

Individual transformational sessions

We offer you a range of individual sessions that will assist you in any life transformation event. Sessions vary in length and in cost.    Click for details