Tanya’s vision

January 12, 2010

My beautiful friend, Tanya, shared some writing with me, which I reproduce here with her permission. Recently she stayed with Soleira and myself, and had experiences in which she encountered herself as a warrior queen, a fairy princess, and a Goddess Priestess – all representations of power and authority. (Did I mention that magical stuff happens in our home?) Her transformational shift led her to know herself as a magical being who radiates magical reality. In this writing, she owns who she has become … and the dragon that she mentions is her magical consort (!).

This is what I wrote to her after reading her vision of herself.

“There’s such power in it and, for me, accurately describes the movement of this time. Such fluency andĀ  Grace, personified in physical form – dancing the exquisite joy of being, radiating the reality of the trueness of being. You are revealing and unveiling the Beauty that stands forth, proud and defiant in its own exultancy. So bring it on, girl. Let’s see what life is readying to become!!! “

Now read on …

She closes her eyes and the truth of her lived reality manifests in shimmering grace within and through her, stretching out into infinite existence, reverberating, resonating throughout frequencies, shifting realities, visions, possibilities, and more.

The union between the two – the Goddess Priestess/ warrior queen/ fairy princess and her magnificent dragon: her shapeshifting glimmering partner of Creation, born and perpetuated in orgasmic ecstatic rippling waves of sound and touch, colour and tasteĀ  – creates within and through itself possibilities and potentials for the cosmoses, as of yet undreamt, unimagined…

Every fold of her dress, every footfall, every glance, enlivens the fabric of Being that is touched upon. It is by the Grace bestowed upon and through them that magical reality springs forth in its abundant joyfulness. All that come within their presence feel the Truth, the power, the blissful, exuberant passion of their own essence. As they walk through Life, Life responds in an exuberant song of joy and endless possibility. To know them is to know yourself.

Every moment becomes a work of art.

Every movement embodied Grace.

Every word uttered a song in and of itself, creating endless waves of possibility.

Every atom of their existence calls forth the natural magnificence of all Beings, Everywhere.

They partner in exquisite harmony with the purest essence of Life Source, with that which wants to happen.

They trust and surrender to it, becoming it fully in All time and space. They embrace their Godness, and in doing so, the heavens part and magical reality is known to ALL, through all time.

We are here now.

Grace and Ease.

Hope and Joy.

Power and Authority.

Passion and Exuberance.

I bathe in thee. I embody thee. I walk as thee.

Magical creational reality.

I am thee!!!

Tanyaliciousness is born!!!!

Image source: http://ima.dada.net


4 Responses to “Tanya’s vision”

  1. Soleira Green on January 13th, 2010 9:35 am

    Wow, wow and wow again! Soooo beautiful it moves me deeply. We remember ourselves in your remembering Tanya!

  2. Nancy Serpless on January 18th, 2010 8:09 am

    Avatar and 2 books that I am reading now have all awakened in me the longing to BE and LIVE here ALL that I can. Now your words Tanya have brought an excitement that it is all possible and only a heartbeat away!!! Thank you for your remembrance!!

  3. Morgine on January 27th, 2010 4:21 pm

    My dear friend Tanya,

    We are dreaming similar dreams and may the power of the magic within us create even more Magical Universes in which to play with the Magic we truly are!! Go Girl!!! Hugs of Love & Giggles, Morgine

  4. Martin Isaacson on February 13th, 2010 12:41 am

    Tanya’s poetic journey reminds me of my own anima, the powerful female priestess with in me which dwells in the similar landscape of feminine creativity. It has been over 40 years since I discovered her existence within and those many years to manifest its qualities in my own art and teaching. Thank you Tanya for reawakening that discovery and its journey. I have gone back today and looked at my early written struggles with meaning and have found similar yearnings. I now believe that some of us are “touched” somewhere along the trip with special inclinations. Apparently we have discovered similar paths. May the Spirits continue to be with you. Martin

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