Engaging the Miraculous

March 30, 2010

Recently I did a coaching session with a client who described her physical challenges as resulting from over-enthusiastic self-medication many years ago. Her biggest concern was not the physical problem itself but the shame of what she had done to her body.

She talked, I listened, then I spoke about the need for her to develop a new relationship with her body. I said that sometimes we need to think about ourselves in terms of pure energy rather than dense matter. That gave her some relief.

Then I said that she could look at her body in a new way: letting go of the old picture of herself  in order for a new sense of awareness to take place.

It doesn’t matter who you see yourself as,” I said, ” it’s who you can be and who you are becoming that’s important. You’ve got to laugh inside you, for if you can laugh at this whole thing then you can have spectacular change, and it will be fun and effortless.”

She started to feel more alive and said that now there was the possibility of growth and new feelings to follow.

As we got more into the session, she mentioned a belief of needing to find the light in the darkness. So I worked with her faith and made her laugh again by saying that God would probably shrug his shoulders at what had happened and say “ah, so what?” – for her feelings of guilt and shame at what she had done to herself was only a self imposition, and could easily be transformed.

To prove that to her, we did an exercise together, energetically going deep into her body to presence a flow of energy that was her natural rhythmic pattern. I told her …

“If you go down to the cellular level you are actually starting to move into the realm of the miraculous, to feel the pulse of the potential waiting to emerge. You have to engage with it and bring it through, and allow your body to relax into something new and amazing. If you can move your attention to that happening … your body will behave differently, it will be different. You will feel the aliveness in the cells changing the physical state of the molecules.”

Eventually we reached a place where we could talk about standing in the power of any situation, regardless of how dire and hopeless it might seem, because all there is to do is release the story of what has been, in order to become a force that uses everything to advantage. I explained …

“There isn’t anything in you that can be a problem or cause for a problem. You change your emphasis on how you deal with anything and work with it so that it becomes valuable to you, that you have a valuable resource.”

When she heard that the metal plate inside her body could be perceived as a resource, she cried and said that she was special, that she could disperse the judgments that had been made about her body by others … and that a whole other possibility had been given to her.

Below is a short excerpt of the session.

We’ve got to expand the bounds of how we work with people who seem to provide us with problems that only the miraculous can possibly change. Well the miraculous is happening all the time, and what facilitates the miraculous is the ability to engage the miraculous.

I said to my new found friend –

“You’ve got to work the miraculous. It’s not that you expect a miracle to happen and that something will be amazing when it does – you’ve got to be the miraculous in action.”


3 Responses to “Engaging the Miraculous”

  1. Jane on April 1st, 2010 1:14 pm

    I just wish to say Thank you…it touched my soul

  2. Soleira Green on April 2nd, 2010 7:24 am

    Beautifully, beautifully said Santari!!!! I’m adding it to the article on Dancing with the Power of the Cosmos in the Wowing Our World webzine now so many can see it..

  3. shraddha on April 5th, 2010 6:54 pm

    it made me feel so empowered as i struggle at times with physicaliy. thank you so much for giving us all a different perspective

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