The Growing Space

August 8, 2010

Towering up to 8 feet high, these giant sunflowers are flourishing in my garden. They symbolise this summer’s abundance. It’s been a very hot season and (apart from this past week) the flowers and vegetables have needed watering 3 times a day, to stop the ground from getting too parched.

Lucy, a 13 year old, came to visit and bemoaned that her sunflowers had wilted and died. Did you water them, I asked? I didn’t think you needed to, she replied.
much shaking of head and suppressed smile :)

Over the years, I’ve taught myself how to look after plants and find out what they need in order to grow well. I’ve seen that to get best results you need to tune into them and encourage their growth, rather than just leave them and hope they will make it by themselves.

To me, the care of anything is about providing the optimum growing space and sustenance for it.

Several people have asked me recently how they can sustain their energy (and their expanded sense of self) after a teleclass, workshop or coaching session with me. My answer is invariably the same – you claim your authority to be here, you apply your energy to the life that you wish to live, and then you walk in the power of your authority. That simple advice works well, just like watering plants that are in need of a pick-up. But now I’m showing people how to create and maintain the space for their growth and their world/cosmic visions – and that requires something special.

I’m writing about a creative space experience in which fantastically brilliant, magical possibilities emerge.

It requires special attention. Each of us have specialities that need to be recognised, owned and put into action. For example, my friend Liz came to do a workshop and we discovered that she is a natural cosmic designer, a term that suited her well and gave her permission to own her flamboyancy. She loves design work, so we looked at practical ways for her to develop a life design consultancy practice.

First, she stepped fully into her new role and engaged the vastness of her energy field. She learned what it is to be a cosmic being: to feel and embrace the extensiveness of what she was stepping into;  to see that her thinking now had more perspective; that she had a richer context for her life.

Then she discovered the nature of her work – to help people design a new way of being. So she energetically redesigned her own life experience to match her cosmic identity. As a cosmic designer she could drop her human facade of being small and unsure, in order to take on a role that had bigger energetic possibilities, where she no longer reacted to situations because now she could design her experiences according to how she wanted to live them.

Yes, I enjoy working with people to have them discover  the qualities of living that they really wish to experience. That is so different from experiencing life in the same way over and over again. There is a conscious need to design exciting, fresh, and original creations. To nurture ourselves by using our energies to their fullest, for whatever body of work we are engaged in growing. And to realise that we are cosmic beings engaged on a redesign of life.

This is a time for creative cosmic gardening. You just don’t know what’s ready to emerge in your growing space.


2 Responses to “The Growing Space”

  1. Barney Tremblay on August 10th, 2010 1:05 pm

    How beautiful! How you, Santari! Thank you for growing the space in which the rest of us can both take root and leave our seedling pots behind! The metaphor is rich and I can certainly visualise the whole dynamic that is necessary to succeed in this garden. Hand me a pair of gardening gloves and a watering can – I’m on the move.

    With a smile and the love of your sunflowers,
    Barney x

  2. Krista on September 4th, 2010 4:27 pm

    Gorgeous, Santari. Like your mind and your brilliance, your sunflowers are a testament to your life design. .Beautiful, bold and standing up tall. Love and more love to you,

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