Enter The Dragon

January 24, 2012

The Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dragon – is under way

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Dragons are wonderful mystical creatures that seem to lurk in the shadows of our consciousness until we dare look them in the eyes and tell them that we are ready to play.

What you say? Play with dragons? Isn’t that like playing with fire? Well to answer that, it seems that dragons have many qualities and that there are many types of dragon. My friend Sue Couch tells me that this is the Year of the Water Dragon – one of the 9 major types of Chinese dragons.

But to get to know what dragons really mean to us, we must leave aside stories of tradition and speculation,  and be open to what we might say about these mythical, mystical, and magical creatures.

So let’s walk in unknown territory, with nothing to guide us except what we feel about the landscape through which we are walking, and allow ourselves to become dragons. Stop breathing the air for a moment, telling yourself with each breath that you are only a human. Be aware that you can take on any form that you choose and have any experience that you desire.

Reach into your deep knowing of what a dragon is Рand  become it. Embody it. What do you notice? What is different? What are you so filled with, that you perhaps sit in silence for awhile, in order to appreciate the fullness of the moment?

Yes, this year is most definitely under way – and with every dragon breath that we take we can create the living reality of our world to be something super-special. Let this year be filled with exuberance, brilliance, mystery, colour, movement, jaw-dropping amazement and wondrous enchantment … and whatever else the dragon might whisper in your ear!

Listen to a half hour recording of the Quantum Creativity radio show, devoted to this new year and the limitless possibilities of what it is and can be.


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