January 16, 2012

Just watched the thriller movie ‘Limitless‘ and was reminded of what it feels like when we don’t experience our fullness.

We feel limited

I’ve not had that feeling for years but I can speak from the experience of it, and, most importantly, know how to transition to the feeling of limitless.

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In the movie there is a pill that allows anyone to utilise 100% of their brain. It energises the brain; heightens senses; increases awareness; accelerates the processing of information; and enables the usage of information in limitless ways. Initially, the hero is dependent on this pill to provide an altered brain state but at the end of the movie he retains his super- awareness without any need for the drug.

Many super-hero movies that have sprung up in recent years use such a theme to invite us to think the impossible: to consider that we have (at least access to) super-powers.

These super-powers are largely depicted as being beyond the reach of ‘ordinary’ people, until certain life-changing circumstances intervene.

Of course, it depends on what we classify as super-powers. It depends on what we think about ourselves and our ability to live limitless. Here is what Ann Douglas says about it –

Robert De Niro observes in the movie …  “Your powers are a gift from God … or whoever wrote your life script.” So the life script or recipe or state of creative fullness that we develop for ourselves is how the limitless can manifest. A creative state is not born from limited thinking: it dances among our brain wave patterns and allows us to feel the exquisite rhythms of what moves in and out of our consciousness. And the gift is that we can make sense of all that feeling in whatever way we choose.

A state of feeling totally alive can colour everything in our reality. Experience comparitively less of that total feeling and we might think that there is something missing, but really it’s all here … the access to anything that we might possibly desire.

It’s not about having access to all the information we might need ~ it’s not about being a genius in using that information ~ it’s not about being connected to everything and forming new connections all the time, passing information along the super-highway of limitless consciousness.

It’s not about wishing we can teleport and then wondering why we aren’t doing that already, forgetting that we’ve used only a few senses to determine whether that has happened or not. Nor is it about super-powers and super-awareness.

The secret to being, feeling, living LIMITLESS is to know that we are already living this in some way. A deep centered knowingness that says it’s OK not to bother about whether we have total recall, or can levitate, or have the chemical formula to cure any disease. We just need to give free range to the impulses that tell us what wants to be lived right now – and that takes care of everything.

Perhaps the true test is whether we are comfortable in enjoying the limitless and able to function with a limitless capacity to understand (and celebrate) everything.



One Response to “Limitless”

  1. Krista on January 16th, 2012 8:19 pm

    Hi Santari,
    So interesting. I like what Robert de Niro said that our talents and gifts are “God-given” or whoever wrote your life script. I’m reading a book that has me thinking about this, that the ego has a plan too, and sometimes our desire for power or super-power is to control and dominate, which is not really limitless thinking. I also believe that we have a higher power that allows us to truly think and choose and experience our knowing, as you said, which is more than enough, once we realize its limitless value.
    Thank you…

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