Cosmic Love Affair

February 14, 2012

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Have you noticed a deepening sense of  love for life (or life for love), growing within you almost moment by moment?

Do you find yourself thinking about people, warming to them, and then inexplicably noticing a relationship that isn’t built on any sort of desire at all – and yet has an irresistable attraction to something wondrously profound?

A relationship that is not the traditional human experience of seeking reciprocity from others.

Instead there is an encompassing feeling of balance and rightness and order. And this feeling is sourced from an awareness that says … no matter if we view ourselves as individuals … we are all a unified force, co-existing in a myriad of forms and expressions, devoted to exploring LIFE.

This Love Affair is very tangible. We’ve seen evidence of the bonds that exist between species in the animal kingdom, but what’s not been so apparent is the bond between Earth and Cosmos.

Yet wait … our consciousness has become inquisitive and wants to explore; wants to know more about everything; and wants to have the experience of being earthly and Cosmic at the same time.

It says that this Love Affair is our next logical step.

And so we extend our feelings for life into every part of the Cosmos; looking into the hearts of stars and examining our relationship to what we find. We must allow that we can communicate with life on other planets and receive messages from other races, whose existence we can now concede to be as real and true as our earthly kin. For once we affirm that such communications exist then we are no longer separate from that reality.  And a desire for the exploration and expression of our union starts to emerge in us.

This Cosmic Love Affair is a declaration that we no longer hold to vows, beliefs, or anything that would keep us tethered to erratic emotional feelings about people – or feel that Life exists only in a small speck of space. Something vast has stirred and we can own it. We can embrace this vastness and become it totally ~ realising the potential of this untamed flow of energy that simply is and wishes to be whatever we breathe into Life from this moment on.

Listen to a half hour recording of the Quantum Creativity radio show, in which we celebrate the unfolding of a new wave of feeling – that we on this planet, we of this Cosmos, are unified in sourcing Life wherever it can be found.


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