August 8, 2012

(Since January of this year I have been struggling with what I may describe as an asthmatic condition: often experiencing shortness of breath that is alleviated by using a prescribed inhaler.

This night I had to get out of bed and use the inhaler, to calm a feeling of being choked, after which I sat at a table and felt my energy settle into me, as if suggesting that my physicality needed to experience a simple truth about breath, beyond the use of the inhaler. I then observed my need for breath dissolve, to the point where I was almost not aware of breathing. There was a stillness where previously there had been a struggle. So, pencil and paper to hand, here is what I learned anew.)


You measure Time with your breathing,

but there is no Time to measure;

Just an observation

of what flows invisible Indivisible.


I showed my conscious awareness that I struggled to breathe – fully, deeply – and it showed me that I was capable of being this flow, this ripple of the Cosmos, that wanted to be breathed as me, to be that which I sought to breathe. And so, I became it in the same moment that it became me.

My body relaxed and no longer sought to control my breath. For this action of breathing, this gift of this experience, reminds me of what is always so …


… this breath … this flowing motion of myself … beyond all boundaries that can be conceived.


2 Responses to “Breath”

  1. Steve Taylor on August 13th, 2012 2:52 pm

    Thanks Santari, this is beautiful!

  2. Tanya Sheikh on August 13th, 2012 9:16 pm

    Exquisite, gorgeous, Santari.

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