About Me


Hi – I’m Santari Green – welcome to my blogsite.

I have a keen interest in changing our views about what physicality is, of considering why we are here, and of understanding the energetics that underlie our physical health and well-being. I take nothing for granted because I want to challenge what is – in order to facilitate what can be.

Every day is an ongoing creational experience and, as I see it, each of us can decide what that looks like and determine how we can collectively change our understandings of what is real and true.

As a writer, singer, thinker, conversationalist, energy worker and Life Coach, I reach out to people all over the world. I lead teleclasses and workshops on energy management, voice & presence, creative writing and magical reality creation … but above all of this I endeavour to help people to become the source of their own body of work. There is no greater satisfaction than assisting others to live their fullest.

I like to share my passion for moving the boundaries of consciousness to reveal levels of ourselves that we have never known before. I write about things that stir us deeply, knowing that by focusing on what truly inspires us then the more beautiful and magical our life becomes. See the slideshow below for a peek into my magical life.

Here’s to sourcing our physical health and well-being – for the power to do that rests in us!


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