The Magical Apprentice

The Magical Apprentice programme is about allowing yourself to be unbounded and living full-on in complete energetic awareness.

It’s an individually tailored experience that enables you to live in the magical space of creative possibilities, beyond logical thinking, where you literally redesign your life using energetic awareness, and understand the process by which that’s done.

My friend Tanya suggested the name and the concept of it – to show people how to create a magical life for themselves and embody the magical reality of it.

Originally, I conceived the Magical Apprentice to be a 3 day programme in which I would share my specialist skills/knowledge.

I set out a series of topics that I knew would be useful as a starting point –

  • Opening to Power
  • Energetic Mastery
  • Transformative Touch
  • Evocative Voice
  • Visionary Awareness
  • Sourcing the Magical & the Miraculous
  • Physical Authorship
  • Knowing the Game

but when my first apprentice came along, all the step-by-step planning went out the window. As soon as we put down on paper all the points that were the most important to cover, then it became obvious that the programme was really –

  • to uncover the nature and essence of the apprentice
  • to discover the natural skills of the apprentice and the best ways of employing those skills
  • to assisting the apprentice in applying magical creation to their ongoing real-life situations
  • to encourage the apprentice to develop their own body of work

Here is how one apprentice has described the experience –

“It feels like being on the Control Deck of the Starship Enterprise.”

Everything is examined and explained, so that the apprentice is fully aware of who they are and what they are here to do. We cover everyday situations – but done from a vast expansive level. As one apprentice said, “It’s Cosmic and energetic but extremely practical. It’s out there but it’s also here, and not separate from. You get to see things on all levels.

When an apprentice sets out their intentions, I ask them to be mindful that they are not being taught anything but rather they are being shown how to develop their own body of work. We look at a variety of situations that help the apprentice to gain perspective and the insight/confidence to source magic in their life. The emphasis on all things magical is important, because it helps –

  • to introduce lightness in all that we do
  • to keep things fresh and exciting
  • to see the most amazing and unexpected possibilities develop
  • to have creative purpose that magically uplifts and enhances the lives of others

Unsurprisingly, a Magical Apprentice is self-selecting and committed to energetic mastery and magical living. Here is what Dorothee said, after completing the first day of her 3 day Magical Apprentice programme.

“On the way home I thought if I were to say just one thing about working with you, it would be that one can take you by every sentence, every word, every letter, every ‘promise about magics’ that you make. And it will happen! For me this has even been far, far bigger, for I knew that others can know, believe in what you say, and thereby make it happen. I wasn’t sure for myself whether I can enter this space. But it happened for me!”
– Dorothee

The cost of this 3 day programme, including accommodation and meals, is £585. But single days can be taken, to fit in with your schedule, rather than as a block of consecutive days. Also, there is a substantial discount when you bring along a friend or partner who wants to magically enhance their life too. The discount applies to the both of you. Apply for details.

So – are you ready for an amazing experience?

Are you the next Magical Apprentice?

You can register for the Magical Apprentice programme on this site. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or PayPal invoice (use our contact form to request an invoice).

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