Voice Workshop

Do you have something you want to say but you can’t find the words to truly express it?

It can be frustrating trying to find out what stops you from being vocally brilliant. The answer is not with removing imaginary blocks to your own genius. It’s more about declaring what you are here for and then standing in the power of that. It’s the experience of your own embodiment.

In this 2 day workshop, you will discover how you can have a voice that is clear, strong, and expressive. You will discover how to use your voice to empower people and create a space where they can relax and be authentic with you. You will also learn the importance of being energetically masterful, not only in your speaking but in every aspect of your life.

For when you are living full on, coming from the core of you, then you literally entrance the world with who you are and what you are all about. And people pay attention to that!


  1. That you are connected to the source of your power.
  2. That you embody that power always.
  3. That you empower the speaking of others.
  4. That you enliven the space of creativity for others.
“I feel more conscious of wanting to speak more from my whole body, from my whole being, and not just for the sake of speaking. There is a real shift in being more conscious about it (the dance of speaking), about what it really is.”
– Gail Harris (previous Power of Speaking teleclass attendee)

Areas covered:

  • Be clear on what empowers you and understand what you are the voice for
  • Consciously attune to what you want to say and what wants to be spoken
  • Gain an energetic mastery of all areas of your life
  • Get that impassioned speaking at your vocal fingertips
  • Create a space that assists people to have a profound experience of listening to you
  • Find out how to create vocal resonance in others, so that they are vocally empowered
  • Discover how to exquisitise your natural quality of being expressive

There are many people who would love to have more clarity in their ability to communicate, more boldness in their speaking, and more vitality in their voice. This workshop takes account of these requests and asks what you would like to experience as the new expression of you.

“Not only have you helped me become this greater Cosmic Being, to really fully embrace and be it, but what’s emerging is that I can feel something actually shaping, so the skills that I’ve got are emerging in a different way.  What you are helping me to do is to shape who I truly am and bring that into some context, which is fantastic, for it’s going to help me know how to work in the future.”
– Liz Sokoski   (previous Voice workshop attendee)

Date: Please enquire.
Times: 10:00am to 5:00pm both days.
Venue: Burgess Hill, West Sussex. (driving directions on request)
Cost: £175. Lunch and refreshments will be provided on both days.
Note: A list of local B&B’s will be sent upon request. Local train station is Burgess Hill.
Arrangements can be made to take you to/from the station. Please enquire.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or PayPal invoice (use our contact form to request an invoice).

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